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God is good ALL the time... and ALL the time, God is good!!

Year 1981


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The Test of Faith
Written by:  Terrie Leonard
When troubles come our way it is so easy to ask why God allows them to disrupt our lives. His will becomes hazy and unclear looking through tear-dimmed eyes and broken hearts. His plan for our lives lays a pattern long before established to meet His purpose. We all fit within the pattern, each life interlocking and affecting the other. Somewhere within this puzzle lies a future with the promise of security and happiness to those who seek God’s will.
At times the pain we feel seems more than we can bear. Life goes on and with each passing day, we cling more closely to what threads of faith we have left. That faith grows and becomes stronger – it is our one constant companion – leading us toward that bright sunrise that dawns just beyond the horizon. Our hopes will never die, nor will the sun ever set on our dreams.

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The Importance of Prayer
Written by:  Pat Lewallen
Prayer is a most important tool to the Christian in everyday life. It is our means of communicating our love, our needs, and our concerns to God.
I believe in the power of prayer. I remember back to one particular incident in my life in which I truly believe God heard and answered a prayer on my behalf. I was driving home from work one evening and noticed the same large pothole in the road I had hit the previous evening. This particular evening I decided I would dodge this pothole in the road. As I neared the large pothole, I pulled the steering wheel sharply to miss the hole but still caught part of the pothole. The next second I realized I was headed directly at a car coming toward me. I was scared but some way I managed to whip my car back toward my side of the road. I was weak and trembling, but I can remember thinking to myself, “And they say women can’t drive.”

I remember walking in home that evening. Richard was sitting on the sofa. His first words to me seemed strange – “Pat, are you all right”? “Sure,” I said. Richard then said, “You know, I had the strangest feeling come over me about 10 minutes ago. I felt a great need to remember you in prayer and I prayed for you.”

I then told Richard about the close call I had in the car. This had happened within the past 10 minutes. You may say this was a coincidence. But I don’t think so. I believe God intervened in the near accident in which my life and the lives of those in the other car might have been snuffed out.

I praise God for a Christian husband who remembered me to God in prayer that evening. This episode in my life really showed me how important prayer is in our everyday life. If sometime during the day or night the Lord places someone on your mind, why not say a prayer for them? Only in eternity will we know all the prayers the Lord has answered and realize the real truth to the saying that “prayer changes things”.

p.s. I failed to mention when the article was written, I was pregnant with my son Mark when this incident took place. I thank God for Mark and especially the way he has dedicated his life to the Lord. Today, I realize even more than ever, the lasting importance of prayer.

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Thoughts About Parents
We hope you will enjoy the following comments from our Primary Class as they share their thoughts to the special people in their lives – their parents.
I love my mama and daddy very much and want to thank Jesus for them.
Olivia Brady    (Parents: Ruth & Roger)
To Mama and Daddy: Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to you. I love you!
Mark Lewallen    (Parents: Pat & Richard)       
Mama and Daddy I love you. Thank you for taking me to church. I thank Jesus for you.
Jeff Hunt    (Parents: Kathy & David)
To Mama and Daddy: I love you. I thank Jesus that I’m your little girl. Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I thank God for you both.
Dana Dickens    (Parents: Annie Sue & Steve)
To Mama and Daddy: I love you. I wish you both a Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
Kim Hill    (Parents: Margaret & David)
Mama and Daddy I love you with all my heart.
Brian Douglas Hunt    (Parents: Kathy & David)
Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Mama and Daddy.
Becky Presnell    (Parents: Ophelia & Philip)
To Mama and Daddy: Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day. I love you both. Thank you for the food and for the supper. Thank Papa & MawMaw, too. I thank Jesus for you.
Jennifer Gregory    (Parents: Lynne & Roger)
To Mama and Daddy: I love you both very much. I thank Jesus for you.
Brian Lane Hunt    (Parents: Brenda & Junior)
To Mama and Daddy: I love you both very much. I thank Jesus for you. I hope you see this.
Tina Ferree    (Parents: Pat & J.C.)
Mama and Daddy: I love you both. Thank you for loving me.
Kim Hunt    (Parents: Kathy & David)
To Mother and Father: Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you very much. You are the best parents in the world.
Don Jarrell, Jr.    (Parents: Bonnie & Don)
Special Thoughts of My Parents
Lela Farlow (now Lela Trotter)
Primary Sunday School Class teacher
As I sat down to write some of my thoughts about my parents (Edna & Earl) the first thing I thought about was that we don’t have a choice about who our parents are. But if I did, my choice would be no other than the ones God gave me years ago. My parents are still living and I love them second only to God. But I truly believe that children, including me, never really appreciate them until the Lord takes them home.
I had the great privilege of being reared in a Christian home. When I was growing up there were times when I didn’t want to go to church. But I can say today that what I value most about my childhood was that in every way we children were taught Christian beliefs, and were taken to an old-fashioned church (Mt. View) where we saw the reality to God’s power. I am so thankful to say that the church has remained on fire for God.
My parents are very special people. They have to be, to put up with me all my life. I was born into a home where there has always been love. My father lost his dad through death when he was two years old. I believe that loss has always had a great bearing on his life. I really believe that made us four children even more precious to him. Daddy has always put our happiness above his – even today there’s nothing too important for him to listen to. He’s always there for us and his life has been a Christian example for us to follow.
Mama has always taken life as it comes. Even with her handicapped leg she doesn’t complain. She knows the Lord has a purpose for all things. And she too has always put us first regardless of her feelings. She taught us as children about God and directed our lives through the years. I do thank God for my parents. I love them and I do wish them a Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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The Most Priceless Possession
Written by:  Pete Henderson (deceased)
What do you consider your most priceless possession? Many people say one thing and many others say another. It may be some one’s life who is nearest you. We all could think of many things in this life, but can you take them with you when you leave this life?
If most people had all the money they could spend in this life they would think all other things would follow. Most all people would live a life that would take them to an early grave without Christ. There is enjoyment in sin, but it only lasts for a short while. Many people would seek that type of enjoyment. I would like to point you to an enjoyment that you can use in this life and also take it with you. If you do not know Him, I would beg of you before it is too late to ask Christ into your life. Many people put it off because they think they have time later, but there are all ages in their graves.
The Bible said that today is the time for Christ, tomorrow may be too late. If you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, He can save you and make a new person out of you. He can make life worth living. Christ has promised you He would go with you all the way. Ask yourself if he is the center of your life.